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Business Attorney
The Business Attorney You Need When It’s Your Time for Justice
Seattle Business Attorney

If your company or organization is currently embroiled in some type of business dispute, you are well aware of what a significant disruption a dispute can be. Any disruption in day-to-day business operations can cost you and your partners both time and money. If your business is like most, you have neither to spare.

Common Business Disputes

There are several types of business disputes Seattle business attorneys handle. Business disputes may arise due to:
  • Contract disputes – failure of another party to fulfill the obligations of a contract or an accusation of breach of contract by your company.
  • Employment disputes – accusations against your business alleging violations of fair labor standards, FMLA, or wage and hour laws.
  • Partnership or ownership disputes – when partnership or operating agreements give rise to disputes between the partners or owners in your company or organization.
  • Commercial fraud – financial damage caused by another businesses' commercial fraud or accusations against your company alleging violations of the Consumer Protection Act.
A Seattle business lawyer will be acquainted with these types of cases and will be an expert in the field of business law. To settle the business dispute with as little disruption to your company as possible, you will need legal services.

Contacting a Seattle Business Lawyer for Assistance

Business disputes can be extremely complicated and difficult to resolve. If you’re in the midst of a business dispute, we urge you to contact the law offices of Paul Arnold Wallstrom for legal assistance.

Mr. Wallstrom has been successful for his clients in more than ninety-six per cent of his cases over the past fifteen years, despite the fact that he often takes cases that have been turned down or lost by other attorneys. He takes only a few cases each year, usually ten or fewer. And currently, ninety per cent of Mr. Wallstrom's case load comes from previous clients and people they refer to him. He does though keep openings for occasional new clients.

To find out how Mr. Wallstrom can help you with your case, please:
- call Mr. Wallstrom at (206) 420-0180 or
- email him at wallstrom@paulwallstrom.com

To get the best representation possible, call today to schedule an appointment.
Business Attorney
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